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Our STEM curriculum is designed to guide and inspire by teaching children to create, discover and explore learning using a Montessori concept. Through hands-on creative and organized play our classrooms are designed to encourage emotional, cognitive, physical, language and social development.

STEM Academy Preschool

Enrichment Programs


We offer an assortment of extracurricular activities and outlets where students can receive advanced academic instruction, get extra help with homework assignments, or discover new hobbies, interests and activities outside the classroom setting.

Onsite library

Onsite Computer Lab

Children's Yoga

Basic Sign Language

Intro To Spanish



Begins Here!

Our infant curriculum focuses on but is not limited to:

Tummy time in a soothing musical setting.

Social and emotional development.

Basic sign language to enhance early communication between the child teachers and parents.

Explore Time

Cognitive Stimulation


Bubble play, building blocks, mirrors, shadows, explore the five senses and nature.


Incorporating musical light up sensory toys, pretend play with technology activity chairs.


Building blocks, shape stacking, and bowl nester.


Play with a number mat, counting number shape stackers


Little Einsteins

Where ideas manifest like the speed of light!

In our toddler classroom students not only begin their potty training journey but our staff will also work alongside parents/guardians to help ensure potty training is a success. With the help of our highly experienced teachers, Our scholars use their creative minds and our hand-on approach to develop in the areas of cognitive, social, fine motor and language skills.


Innovative Engineers

Created in God’s image to creatively inspire!

Our preschool classroom allows children to use their own creative abilities and wonderful imagination to learn and explore. Scholars will focus on Science when utilizing the home room centers, Technology when exploring lab centers,Engineering when building and Math by counting and identifying numbers.


Gifted Graduates

“Where dreams become possibilities.” ~Walt Disney

In our Pre K classroom children will begin Kindergarten readiness. We focus on preparing your scholars for Kindergarten, reading small word sentences, children will be able to utilize their basic knowledge of technology as well as explore and discover Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math using their own creative minds with a hands-on approach.

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